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Achilles, Delphia Staggs Feb 21, 1867- Oct 12, 1938 (Stone OK)

Adcook, William Balm 1824-1901; Harriet Eleanor, wife, 1832-1874; Harriet A. Wallace, daughter, 1866-1885. 

Amon, Eunice C. 1859-1873.

Banister, Stokes 1832-1896; Mary, wife, 1838-1919; Clara, 1881-1885; Mary, 1875-1888

Banister, John M. 1863-1936; Adarene, Lieuallen, wife, 1869-1926; John M., 1898-1924; Mary died 1905; Roma, 1906-1907; Edgar died 1916; Anabell B. McConnell died 1926.

Banister, Nelson, died 1894.

Banister, Mary L. (Pinkerton)1872-1898

Caton, Catherine, mother, 1861-1921; Blanche, daughter, 1881-1904; Mary, daughter, 1887-1893

Caviness, Fannie L. b. 1859 d. 3/11/1892, aged 22 y’s 8 m’s 24 d’s, wife of W. P. Caviness, 1859-1882

Caviness, Ora May b. 1877 d. 2/6/1882, aged 4 y’s 11 m’s 18 d’s, “The angels called her”

Chandler, George N., son of T. & A. Chandler 1874-1883.

Chapin, John William 1868-1949; Abbie Julie (Bannister), wife, 1879-1925; 3 sons, Walter S., 1902-1909; John L., 1908-1908; unnamed. 1 grandson, John W. Wiley, 1929-1929. Lyman, father of John William, 1840-1920.   Bob’s note:Double check

Clark, Joseph H., son of 0. S. & Cynthia Clark, 1857-1865; Cynthia Clark, mother, 1811-1901.

Coy, Martha R. 1814-1882. Infant son of C. W. & M. H. Coy 1880-1880.

Coppock, Robert, 1844-1923; Emma, wife, 1845-1903; Mattie, daughter, 1867-1922; Clifford, son, 1878-1883.

Ely, Amanda Mansfield  May 11, 1824 – Jan 27, 1905  History and Obituary

Ely, P. (Philologus)1826-1893  Sacred to the memory of P. Ely, died Jan. 6′ 1893, aged 66 y’s, 4 m’s, 17 d’s  “Rest in Peace” – “Then shall the dust return to earth as at was and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it” (foot marker PE, tall light house shaped stone on base (Involved in the establishment of the First Christian Church in Athena)

Ely, Suzanne E. Sacred to the memory of Susanne E., daughter of P. & A. Ely, Died Dec. 27, 1881, 21 yrs, 3 ms, 21 ds – “Jesus my hope, my rocking shield, Whose precious blood was shed for me, Into they hands, my soul, I yield, Savior I come, I come to thee” – “Rest in Peace”  (Clasped hands on stone, stone broken in half and loose from base, D J Coleman, WW)

Frakes, William, 1858-1876; Samuel, 1862-1876; J. T. (I. T.), 1833-1892.

Freed, Lucy E., wife of E. A. Freed 1851-1885.

Fuson, Sarah and child, 1844-1873.

Gallaher, Thomas J. 1840-1898; Ralph, E., son of T. J. and R.E. 1881-1884; Clara Elnora, daughter of T. J. and R.E. 1872-1878.

Geiss, John, 1857-1932; Sarah Caroline (Lieuallen)., wife, 1862-1946; Almon R., son, 1896-1896.

Gerking, Jonathen Rice, 1812-1882; Nancy, wife, 1818-1910. (The Gerking Family on the Web)  Gerking Family Info

    (The role of the Gerking Family in the establishment of the First Christian Church in Athena)

Gerking, Nathan J. 1849-1889.

Gerking, Frank W., son, 1879-1880; Eleanor M., daughter of B.F. and A. Gerking, stone broken.

Gerking, Mary A., wife of S. I. Gerking 1851-1877; Ladrew Royal, son of S. E. and Mary A. Gerking, 1877-1877.

Gerking, Claudie L. 1875-1878; Orville L., son of J. N. B. and L. Gerking 1872-1878.

Gordon, John, 1856-1927; Lizzie, wife, 1862-1893

Green, Mary J., 1864-1893; Wrennie D., son, 1885-1920.

Hales, Irvin and Irwin, twins, 1881-1881, 1 mo. and 1 day; sons of W. H. and L. Hales.

Henderson, Hepsy, 1856-1885. Mr Henderson’s stone has since been pieced together by family and set in concrete.

Hendrix, Martin 1848-1871; Eli 0.,1862-1875.

Howell, Lizzie J. (Stafford) wife of L.H. Howell, daughter of A.M. & R.A. Stafford. 

Jacks, Solomon, Born Jan 15, 1811, died Sept 20, 1877  (foot marker, star on top of stone over “Farewell”, clasped under, stone reset by WC-OW-PE Jacks, 1961, stone OK) (2006) The original stone has since been severely damaged and a new stone was placed in 1989.   NEED PHOTO

Jones, Maude, 1877-1877; Claude, son and daughter of A. L. & S. E. Jones 1877-1877

Johnston, James, born in West Virginia, 1824-1881.

Junkins, Anthony Cannon, 1829 – 1901,  Pioneer 1852

Kennedy, infant son of W. K, and Amy B. Kennedy, 1887-1887.

King, Benjamin F. 1834-1914; Lucinda, wife, 1832-1904; Benjamin F., Jr., son, 1876-1878 (Died of diphtheria)

Kinnear, David. d. Aug 5, 1893, aged 72 yrs “At Rest”

Kirk, Alexander, 1805-1877; grandchildren – son and daughters T. J. & A Kirk; Maudie 1876-1878; Charles; Henry 1867-1878; Lucy May 1873-1878.  (Died in diphtheria epidemic as many children did around 1878.  All four have been moved to the Athena Cemetery)

Lenox, David Thomas 1802-1874.   In about 1960, Mr Lenox was moved to the West Union Baptist Church in West Union, Oregon. He now rests in the church cemetery beside his wife, the former Louisa Swan.  David Lenox grave Dedication of Monument in 1924 (Address by Dr. Penrose of Whitman College) Plaque found

Lieuallen, Thomas T. 1825-1885; Sarah E. 1840-1924.

Lieuallen, Almon A. 1867-1892.

Lieuallen, William 1832-1908; Margaret J., wife, 1838-1931; John A., son, 1871-1877.  In 1996, William and Margaret were featured on the End of the Oregon Trail web site.

Lieuallen, children of R. and M. J. Lieuallen; infant son, 1875-1875; 0.S. 1874-1874; Sarah E. 1871-1877.

Lieuallen, Josiah 1823-1890; Joannah, wife, 1834-1889.

Mansfield, Mrs. Elizabeth 1796-1884; George W., son, 1837-1890., Virgie E., died 27 Dec 1877, 12y 11m 7d,  dau of I. S. and L.

McDonald, Angus, 1859-1904; Margaret, 1831-1889.

Miller, Nancy 1855-1874, Ollie 1874-1878, Richard died 1876 37y 1m

Peebler, children of J. F. (John Frederick) and M. E. (Mary Ellen) Peebler; Fred Carl 1886-1887; Dell 1876-1876; Annie M. 1881-1884. In March of 2003 we received an interesting email from Ron Jackson of Rockford Illinois. Ron is the great grandson of J. F. and M. E. Peebler.

Pinkerton, John; 1840-1879; Sarah, wife, 1845-1907.

Pinkerton, David, 1805-1885; Mary, wife, 1810-1886.

Pinkerton, infant son of Eliza A. Pinkerton 1875-1875. Basil I., son of Eliza A. Pinkerton 1863-1871; baby daughter of D. A. and L. M. Pinkerton 1889-1889.

Price, Maggie Caroline, 1899

Price, Alfred R. 1837-1918; Martha F., wife 1848-1891; Platt P., son 1876-1878; Richard F., son 1865-1888.

Price, Thomas L. 1874-1908.

Price, John L. 1842-1895; Mary E., wife, 1848-1922; Sara Jane, daughter, 1872-1872; James W., son, 1870-1875

Pruett, William H. 1844-1902; Barbara H., wife, 1845-1920; children: Martha E. 1873-1878Ida Winifred 1882-1885; William Carey 1884-1886.   The Raley Pruett Connection  History of the Athena Baptist Church 

Reaney, Children of T. and C. Reaney, Olver B. 1865-1878; Jessie 1869-1878.

Reynolds, Richard H. 1835-1895; Elvira, wife, 1844-1923; children: Mary Leona 1876-1885; Lettie Rosina, 1868-1878; Lizzie Bell 1865-1878.

Reynolds, baby, 1914.

Ritchey, Daisy, 1874-1878.

Schubert, Charles 1827-1902; Phebe Jane, wife, 1837-1876. Children: G. H. Schubert 1866-1927; Fritz 1867-1901.

Shaw, Nancy Caroline 1857-1906.

Spaulding, Merrill 1887-1888, son of F.R. and Cassie Spaulding.

Stafford, Allie M. 1860-1878, daughter of A.M. and R.A. Stafford.

Staggs, Alfred 1824-1902; Sarah J. (Check Name) (Davis) wife, 1840-1873; Mary L., daughter,(No photo available) 1866-1881.

Staggs, Albert G., 1860-1907.

Stone, Alva Curtis 1857-1880; Nancy 1793-1874.

Swaggart, Silvester, 1875-1876, son of George and Mildred Swaggart.

Swaggart, children of Nelson and Mary Swaggart. Wilber N. 1873-1878; Ella Grace 1876-1878; Olive M 1864-1878; Lottie E. 1861-1879.

Tillson, Tyrone Lieuallen Maybee,  2/3/1941 – 5/3/2002, Here Lies the Great Great Great Grandson of Pioneers James and Martha Lieuallen, and Charles and Mary Maybee.  Died in Bellingham, Washington Back of stone

Trobaugh, Sarah C., wife, Jas.1857-1892; Mary Dell, daughter, 1873-1875.

Turner, W. J. 1849-1914.

Van Winkle, Silence Nora  daughter of J. S. & F. E. Van Winkle. born Sept. 4 1867 died June 5 1878, (foot marker SNV) Clasped hands top of stone.

Watts, Sarah E. 1825-1872.

Whitman, W. A. 1844-1896; Stella, daughter, 1875.1878; Ralph, son, infant, Williams, Amanda C. 1886-1918.